It is intended to a limited review of the Accounting Statements by an independent professional in accordance with Brazilian accounting practices.

Mattar Auditoria structures the works from its own methodologies, technically effective and internationally recognized, built and improved through the background of our professionals. Our way of operating is based on an intense customized relationship with the customer at all stages of the performance of such works and quickness in the decision making process. The results are translated into high satisfaction and subsequent loyalty of our customers. Aiming not only to form an opinion with the issuance of an independent auditor’s report on the accounting statements of the companies, but the focus is also placed at the prevention of possible faults and deviations, thereby creating new tools of control and management. We perform high quality services, contributing to the increase of the credibility and transparency of the accounting statements of the companies to investors and other agents having an interest in their activities..

Internal Audit

The Outsourcing of Internal Audits enables a higher level of independence and improvement of the management system by means of recommendations outlined by a professional with knowledge of a number of management systems in several branches and activities. Often the view of an outsider helps in identifying causes of old problems, facilitating the determination of corrective actions and opportunities of improvement. Why should you outsource you internal audits to MATTAR? – You do not need to spend the time of your employees to plan, schedule, perform and report on audits. So the professionals can fully focus on your company’s business. - The result of the audit will be presented quickly, with full independence and confidentiality. You may have a plan for the year of completion of your internal audit with MATTAR and we charge you in 12 installments thus decreasing the impact of your cost with an audit.

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