We operate with a rigorous quality control, relying on specialized accountants, trained and motivated to achieve better results.

We are responsible for any accounting processing of companies in general, including corporations and financial institutions (Broker and Securities Dealer).

The subject-matter of the Accounting Services is the equity of the entities. Increasingly changing and manageable equity. It aims to observe, record and report financial and economic facts happened to the equity belonging to an entity by applying its own set of principles, standards, techniques and procedures.

  • Processing of accounting information in accordance with the Brazilian Corporate Law and pursuant to the Accounting Principles (Organization, classification, chart of accounts);

  • Preparation of balance sheets, income statements, cash flow and specific reports for decision making (including VAS [Value Added Statement] and CFS [Cash Flow Statement]). The reports are prepared in foreign currency or currencies of constant purchasing power for national and multinational companies;

  • Analysis and reconciliation of accounts;

  • Registration of transaction and control of assets through electronic data processing system, including the respective calculations of depreciation, amortization and depletion;

  • Record of fixed asset and calculation of depreciation;

  • Issuance of accounting daily book, ledger, lalur [actual profit determination book], and other ancillary obligations;

  • Accomplishment of ancillary and main obligations;

  • Focus on managerial accounting;

  • Accounting SPED (Digital Bookkeeping System).

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