Detecting in the negotiation process all the possible failures that may materially alter a negotiation, for instance, the market value of a company. The work consists of the set of auditors and consultants in the analysis of fields such as financial, tax, labor and others.

With the purpose of supporting the negotiation of the purchase of companies, it consists of the application of procedures directed to financial, tax, legal and labor fields for the identification of eventual problems that may materially alter the accounting position, and/or the market value of the company addressed in the negotiation.

Essential to any company that intends to be sold. "The company has to learn to know your strengths and weaknesses before agreeing a price", the buyer commonly requires collateral that guarantees the liability prior to the sale, and the partners may be surprised by the results of the audit.

The work is often interdisciplinary, performed in conjunction with auditors and consultants from several fields including natural environment. It is accompanied by confidentiality clauses according to the depth of the case. Another advantage is to obtain more favorable financing fees since that they can demonstrate their liabilities to financers.

The focus of the work lies both on company's accounting liability and legal liability, which includes both labor and civil actions.

"Due diligence, i.e., a global diagnosis of the company"

The work is performed in conjunction with auditors and consultants from several fields.

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