Our customers can be fully focused on their business activity, leaving support activities, such as Accounting, Financial Management, Department of Personnel and Taxes by our account.

Manage a business can take a business leader to multiple paths, multiplying his responsibilities and dividing his attention, deviating him and consequently his "core business" (essence of the business).

Often we have noticed that activities related to the areas of "back office" (support) can and should be outsourced, focusing companies’ efforts and investments on activities that truly add value to their business. Only a company that specializes in providing such services keeps itself up to date both in relation to the qualification of technical personnel and investments in software and hardware.

Mattar Auditoria e Consultoria through an integrated management system (ERP) is prepared to meet the diverse needs with wide operationalization conditions. Moreover, the integration of databases for related activities enables: Improved reliability of the data by reducing the margin of error, reducing costs by eliminating rework (the same information entered in several systems) and speed in obtaining managerial information.

It is essential that companies and service providers share favorable decisions for both sides. If one is walking in the pursuit of competitiveness, the other is also doing this. If one has changed the form of operating on the account of growing opportunities, the other is also doing this. In the end, everyone has the same purpose: to be vital to their customers.

Outsourcing in the following fields:

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